Saturday 4 November to Sunday 31 December

Beverley Reindeer Rampage Christmas Trail

The Reindeer Rampage Christmas Trail is a fun, self-guided trail around Beverley’s shops, cultural sites and eateries to round up Santa’s reindeer herd, from Saturday 4 November to Sunday 31 December 2023.

The Cairngorm reindeer have made their annual trip to Beverley to spread festive cheer across the town and they have been spotted creating mischief in shop windows across the town centre whilst preparing for the festivities. As Christmas is approaching it’s time to round them up! Can you help guide them back and reunite Father Christmas with his herd?

Sound good? Download your trail sheet or pick up a free copy from Beverley Tourist Information Centre to join in the fun! Simply follow the route marked on the map and use the clues to find the reindeer rampaging in and the around the town centre. Write the name of the reindeer, their shop and cross off the secret letter in the grid.

Win an Entertainer Toyshop voucher!

One lazy reindeer has not been joining in the festive fun! Unscramble the remaining letters to find out which one and write it in the answer box. Either post your completed trail in the Christmas post box at Beverley Tourist Information Centre or email your answer page to info@veyevents.co.uk to be in with a chance of winning a £30 voucher.

All entries must be received before 4pm on 5 January 2024. The lucky winner will be contacted by email and announced on Visit East Yorkshire social media channels.